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    Predict. Visualize, analyze and harness the power of your data to solve your toughest business problems and eliminate costs and mistakes before they happen.

    Harness the power of statistics.

    Data is everywhere these days, but are you truly taking advantage of yours? Minitab Statistical Software can look at current and past data to find trends and predict patterns, uncover hidden relationships between variables, visualize data interactions and identify important factors to answer even the most challenging of questions and problems. Visualizations are good, but pair them with analytics to make them great. With the power of statistics and data analysis on your side, the possibilities are endless.


    Regardless of statistical background, Minitab can empower all parts of an organization to predict better outcomes, design better products and improve processes to generate higher revenues and reduce costs. Only Minitab offers a unique, integrated approach by providing software and services that enable organizations to make better decisions that drive business excellence.

    Key statistical tests include t tests, one and two proportions, normality test, chi-square and equivalence tests.


    Access modern data analysis and a deeper dive into your data with our advanced analytics. Skillfully predict and forecast your business using our revolutionary machine learning techniques.

    Tools include Classification and Regression Trees (CART®), logistic regression, factor analysis, and cluster variables.

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    Seeing is believing. Graphical output can help communicate your findings and achievements through scatterplots, bubble plots, boxplots, dotplots, histograms, charts, time series plots and more. Graphs seamlessly update as data changes.

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    Minitab - your partner in your analytics journey

    A comprehensive set of statistical methods and data visualization options empower you to make informed decisions that lead to better business outcomes.

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    From beginner to advanced:
    Expert guidance every step of the way

    Built-in Guidance

    Minitab's Assistant is a built-in interactive feature that guides you through your entire analysis step-by-step and even helps you interpret and present results.

    Free Introduction Resource

    Minitab Quick Start is our free resource that introduces you to Minitab Statistical Software’s basic functions and navigation to help you get started. Learn how to import data, organize it, and visualize and analyze your results.

    E-Learning Course

    Quality Trainer is our e-learning course that includes animated lessons, quizzes and hands-on exercises to help you easily practice, understand and learn statistics.

    Note: Quality Trainer is sold separately.

    In-Person Training & Consulting

    Access our expert statisticians through our instructor-led public or private trainings to enhance your skills, or receive one-on-one support to specifically work on your business challenges through our statistical consultants.

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