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    Please select which product and license option you are interested in. Single-user licenses are stand-alone copies of the latest version of our software for individual use. Concurrent multi-user licenses allow you to have multiple people in your organization accessing the software, and you purchase the amount of licenses based on how many people would need to use it at the same time. Upgrades to new versions are included in annual multi-user licenses.

    ​Phone and online help from our expert statisticians and tech support are included at no extra cost with both single and multi-user licenses of the latest version of our software.

    Powerful statistical software everyone can use to solve their toughest business challenges.​

    Single-User License Multi-User License

    Highly accurate ultra-fast platform for developing predictive, descriptive and analytical models.​

    Multi-User License

    Master statistics and Minitab anywhere, anytime with this e-learning course.​

    Single-User License Multi-User License

    Elevate your work with the ultimate toolkit to clearly visualize, optimize and map your business value better than ever before.​

    Single-User License Multi-User License

    The only solution specifically designed to help you start, track, manage and share improvement initiatives to achieve business excellence.​

    Multi-User License



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